House Rules at College Green

Before Arrival to Singapore:

  1. The room is equipped with an air-conditioner. Please note that there will be no blanket available. You are expected to bring your own, should you need one.
  2. Please bring your own towel and toiletries.

Upon Arrival:

  1. The keys will only be available at the guard house from Tuesday, 10th November.  In case of emergency, you can call Jang (committee member in-charge for accommodation) at +65 9729 5747 or you can approach house number 19 (19 College Green)
  2. There will be a compulsory inventory check upon check-in by College Green Management.
  3. Please respect the property of the hosts (Food, toiletries, etc).
  4. Please keep the toilet, bathroom and other common area clean after use.

During your Stay:

  1. Please keep your room clean during the stay and before the departure.
  2. Please be considerate to the host, giving the fact that during your stay, it will be a stressful time for them (to prepare for the exam, assignments, etc)
  3. Overnight guests are not allowed.
  4. Please discuss with the hosts beforehand if you plan to have any gathering in the house.
  5. You can ask the hosts for cleaning chemicals and equipment.
  6. Please dress properly when you are in the common room.
  7. Please lock the door anytime you leave the house.
  8. Please be environment-friendly (e.g. switch off the lamp whenever you do not use it. Please bear in mind that the utility costs are being borne by your generous hosts).
  9. No smoking inside the house.

Upon Departure:

  1. You should be leaving the house by Sunday 15 November 2009 no later than 14.00 hours. (this rule is not negotiable with the hosts because it has been determined by the school).
  2. Please inform Jang your date and time of departure from College Green (the registration will be circulated during the seminar) so that she can arrange the compulsory check before check-out.
  3. Please return the key to Jang before departure.

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